I am EXCITED to announce that my song ‘Waiting For You’ has been chosen to be part of the #1 New & Noteworthy and Award Winning Women of Substance Music Podcast featuring Love Songs For Valentines Series – February 1-14, 2023!

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Constance Hauman City Stories The Quarantine Trilogy

Constance Hauman - The Quarantine Trilogy 2nd Wave

Isotopia Records New Release

The Quarantine Trilogy – 2nd Wave

The 2nd Recording of Instrumental Works Written and Performed by Constance Hauman
with Ross Pederson and Julia Adamy during the Covid-19 Pandemic in New York

Deluxe CD Album Jacket with 24-page full-color booklet, available worldwide.


Listen to Isotopia Records artist Constance Hauman‘s interview and live acoustic performance from Ann Arbor’s Acoustic Cafe w/Rob Reinhart, #broadcasting on 118 stations #Nationwide and #Internationally!!!

Constance Hauman Acoustic Cafe

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